Collage work by Andreas Nitschke


Statement: I exploit magazines because I like to respond to what I see every day, I don’t accept the found reality. In my work I want to transfer the found photographs by very simple means into a new aesthetic context. I want to revitalize the found photographs. Like in a centrifuge I try to dissect, filter and distil the images since I can create really new identities and creatures, so that the new faces and bodies exert their effect at first sight. Similar to a modern DJ who samples different tracks for a Mash-Up-Set, I want to bring together the incompatible.












Bio: Andreas Nitschke works and lives in Bielefeld, Germany. He studied fine art and art therapy. He has had several solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Reikjavik. Most recently, his collage work was featured on the cover of the Lutefiskmagazine.


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Text & Images ©  Andreas Nitschke