Photobook Submissions

In the In-Between welcomes review copies of photobooks, artist books, and monographs from publishers and independent artists. All submissions will be considered for published review.

With your submission, please include any relevant documentation, including a book synopsis, artist statement and bio, publisher bio, and clippings or links to pre-existing press coverage.

If your book is selected for review, please have high-quality cover and book spread photographs prepared to publish. We do not currently have a system in place for photographing publications.

Physical characteristics play an important role in the communicative values of publications, so we only review hard-copies we can hold in our hands. Review copies will remain on file and will not be returned unless prior agreement is made.

 Review copies may be sent to our Editor via email:

Editor (at)

NYC-based review copies may be sent to our New York Editor-at-Large:

Efrem Zelony-Mindell, Editor-At-Large (New York)
In the In-Between
1415 Lincoln Place
Brooklyn, NY, 11213

Questions and electronic materials may be sent to:
editor [at] inthein-between [dot] com

Please include “Photobook Submission Materials” in the subject of your email

Other artist submissions to this address will not be accepted.