Online Portfolio Review Program

In the In-Between offers an affordable portfolio review program for emerging photographers who are looking for feedback and direction on photographic projects.

The program offers in-depth written reviews that are tailored to the kinds of feedback you are seeking for your work.  You will indicate the areas of focus that you want the review to cover, upload your work, and receive a written review catered to your requests for feedback.

Reviews are honest, critical, and designed to offer supportive advice on possible paths forward for the development of your work. This program plays an important role in In the In-Between’s mission as a platform for support for emerging artists, and we offer affordable options to accommodate all levels of photographers from student to professional.

Please review the F.A.Q below to learn more.


“Amazing program! It’s been hard to get meaningful critiques since I’ve finished my MFA. My reviewer pointed out a lot of subtle composition tendencies in my work that have been working against the ideas I’m trying to get across. And he/she gave me great advice on developing my statement. A much different experience than the in-person reviews I’ve done in the past.”

— J.N. 


“Thank you! This is a very thorough review. Thank you for taking the time to study and comment on my work. Your comments and suggestions have helped me a lot, and they have helped me a lot more than I expected. They have also helped me to further clarify my creative inspiration and ideas. Thank you again!”

— Q.J.


How does the review process work?

Fill out the questionnaire below, choose your level of review,  upload your work, and submit payment. Within 4 weeks, you will receive your review via email. In order to ensure that photographers make the most of this program, we allow participants to ask a brief follow-up question for the reviewer to clarify points made in the review.

The focus of the program will be dictated by you. You can request a review that covers, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • General portfolio review
  • Technical feedback (color relationships, tonal qualities, etc..)
  • Critique and advice on composition and visual grammar
  • Concept development
  • The potential for publishing and exhibition opportunities
  • Editing and cohesion
  • Advice on publishing your next (or first) photobook
  • Development of artist statements and bios

What are my price options?

Level 1: $30 for 500-600 words

A general review of the strengths and weaknesses of your work. A good choice for new projects, student portfolios, or general feedback.

Examples: Advice on developing composition. Feedback on technical skills and stylistic unity. Basic concept development. Advice on writing artist statements and bios. Feedback on post-production editing/


Level 2: $50 for 800-1000 words

A detailed review of the strengths and weaknesses of your work according to your stated goals. A good choice for work-in-progress by emerging photographers seeking direction and advice.

Examples: Feedback on clarity, novelty, and relevancy of a project concept. The strength of supporting texts (statement, bio, captions) in relation to the work. Detailed analysis of visual grammar and style and how effectively they support the communicative goals of the work.


Level 3: $80 for 1200-1500 words

A nuanced and critical reading of projects that are near completion. Akin to a short essay on the effectiveness of your work and potential for audience engagement. A good choice for fully-realized projects being prepared to seek opportunities and exposure.

Examples: Finalizing sequencing and editing. Alignment of communicative power between images and supporting texts. An assessment of potential weaknesses that may be seen in the eyes of publishers and curators. Advice on presentation preparation and ideas. Finishing touches and refinements.


What should I expect?

  • Participants in the portfolio review program should expect honest, critical and constructive advice and feedback tailored to the requests in the questionnaire.  It is natural for artists to defend and push back against some criticisms, however, we ask that you enter into the program with an open and receptive attitude to new ideas and criticisms you may not have previously encountered.
  • Participants will also be considered for online features.
  • You will have an opportunity to ask a follow-up question if there is an area of your review you need clarification on.
  • In order to maintain a consistent program, we ask that you please adhere closely to the submission guidelines.
  • Expect about 4 weeks to receive your review. More often than not, 2-3 weeks is the typical turnaround time.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the form below, upload your materials, and submit. You’ll hear from us soon!


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