About In-B

In the In-Between is an artist-run web and print publisher that highlights artists working at the intersections of photography and digital media.

The primary mission of In the In-Between is to serve as a research platform for the photo-arts field to examine contemporary artists exploring the uses, concerns and consequences of 21st century image technology. Through interviews, project reviews, portfolios and essays, our features explore the properties, theories and applications of digital-based imaging in a field largely referred to now as the post-photographic.

As we enter into the third decade of the digital era, we believe digital imaging is, and will continue to be, the defining characteristic of 21st century photographic art. In the In-Between seeks to understand and disseminate relatively new attitudes and methods of such image-making; and to understand how they are being used to examine the world at large.


In the In-Between features are composed of the following categories:

Discussions with emerging and mid-career artists about their processes, theories, inspirations and perspectives.

A Closer Look:
Critique-based readings and reviews of projects made by mid- to late career contemporary image-makers.

Before Digital:
Biographical profiles of photographers and artists who worked with manipulated imagery before the advent of digital technologies. This segment seeks to establish a framework of technical and conceptual ideas that we see being re-visited by contemporary image-makers.

In Motion:
Features of moving media pieces that incorporate or rely on digital re-constructions and attributions- accompanied by artist’s statements.

Project showcases that are accompanied by artists statements.


In addition, In the In-Between has to date published three print publications which are available for purchase.

Another Twenty-Six Gas Stations by Gregory Eddi Jones

Emergence by Mark Dorf (In the In-Between Editions, Volume I)

Landscape Sublime by Anastasia Samoylova (In the In-Between Editions, Volume II)


In the In-Between’s name comes from the conceptual space in which these types of pictures exist, not quite truthful, yet not entirely fictional either. Within our features and interviews, we search for the ways in which this theme reflects our own day to day interpretations of the world.

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Gregory Eddi Jones- Founding Editor