In the In-Between (In-B) is an independent publishing platform that highlights noteworthy 21st-century photographic authorship. Its editorial mission seeks diverse, unique, and bold voices from artists and writers/critics who explore photographic possibilities through informed and personal perspectives.

In-B stands as a  platform of support for emerging artists and hosts a flexible program of initiatives, including occasional book projects, juried exhibitions, and an online artist support program for emerging photographers.

In the In-Between publishes:

  • portfolios
  • interviews / conversations
  • book and exhibition reviews
  • artist profiles
  • critical, theoretical, and historical essays
  • special editorial features
  • online exhibitions


In the In-Between was founded as the Journal of Digital Imaging Artists in June 2012. Under that imprint, it published nearly 100 portfolios, interviews, essays, and moving media pieces by artists working in the intersections of photography and digital media. The goal under that imprint was to highlight the changing photographic climate as influenced by the incorporation of digital tools as a defining feature of photographic practice.

In January 2018 the platform transitioned into its current iteration, Journal of New and New Media Photography, and has expanded its editorial scope to adapt to the growing diversity of voices and methodologies that define the landscape of 21st century photographic authorship.

Features previously published in the Journal of Digital Imaging Artists are indicated as such at the top of each post. To visit the archives of the Journal of Digital Imaging Artists, follow the link here.

In the In-Between activities are now on indefinite hiatus.

Contact Editor

Gregory Eddi Jones
editor (at) inthein-between (dot) com