Easter Egg- Ryder

Adam Ryder’s bric-a-brac

During the design phase of my project, I was looking for authentic bureaucratic or otherwise official ephemera from the Holy Land from about the time in which I was setting my project – the 1920’s.  I used these documents and others like them to produce a graphic identity for the Joint Photographic Survey that would be consistent with the design and typeface of government documentation from the time and place in which the JPS was to have operated in.

A large part of the methodology involved in creating the photographic composites that make up the work was sorting through thousands of photographs from the Library of Congress.  In these exhaustive searches, I often came upon images which I had no immediate use for but fit within the boundaries of the project nonetheless.  I was able to incorporate several of these “auxiliary” images into my publication, but there were ultimately more photographs of this sort than I could effectively utilize – some of my favorites that got included in the project can be seen here.
-Adam Ryder

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