The In-B 100

The In-B 100 is an in-process and curated selection of resources that deal with ideas about photography in the digital age. As we continue to add links to this page, we hope it will serve as an important archive of information for research in the field of 21st century image-making.

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Web Projects

Zone Zero

Pixel Press

Library of the Printed Web

Post-Digital Publishing Archive

Either / And


Art Post-Internet


Truths & Fictions: A Journey from Documentary to Digital Photography. (1995)

The Digital Evolution, by A.D. Coleman. (1998)

Photography Reborn: Image Making in the Digital Era, by Jonathan Lipkin. (2005)

After Photography, by Fred Ritchin. (2008)

The Digital Eye: Photographic Art in the Electronic Age, by Sylvia Wolf. (2010)

From Here On: PostPhotography in the Age of Internet and the Mobile Phone. (2013)

Printed Web # 1, Edited by Paul Soulellis (2014)

Pandora’s Camera, by Joan Fontcuberta (English Version, 2014)

Essays & Articles

From Here On: Neo Appropriation Strategies in Contemporary Photography

The Image Object Post-Photoshop, by Luke Turner

In Digital Age, Sourcing Images Is as Legitimate as Making Them. Interview with Pail Shambroom by Pete Brook

This Is: After-Photography 1839/1851/1880/1975/1980, by Brenton Hamilton

2013: The Year of Interdisciplinary Photography, by Loring Knoblauch

Joan Fontcuberta Explores the Transitional State of Photography Caused by the Second Digital Revolution, by Athina Lugez

The Image in the 21st Century: How digital photo archives have changed the way the world looks, by Michael Agresta

The Perils of Post-Internet Art, by Brian Droitcour

Why Does Manipulation Matter? By David Campbell


Jennifer in Paradise: The Story of the First Photoshopped Image

The Inventor of the Digital Camera, by John Neel

In Search of the World’s Oldest Digital Graphics