Submission Evaluation Criteria

In the In-Between assesses photographic projects from many angles and perspectives in consideration for publication. The following are typical questions that editors use to interrogate new bodies of work.

Does the work demonstrate a strong dedication to the artist’s practice?

Does the work illustrate sophisticated systems of decision-making and responses to unique creative problems?

Is the work unique to the field? Is it recognizable, memorable, or attributable as a benchmark example of a theory, style, genre, or trend?

Is the artist actively challenging or abiding by traditional photographic conventions? Is the work aware of the visual traditions that it participates within?

To what degree does the work represent a personal, unique, and fully realized degree of photographic expression?

Is the work brave and risk-taking? Does it represent a bold departure from current photographic trends and influences? Was it designed to?

Does the work look inward towards issues of production and creative reasoning, or does it look outward and address issues outside the realms of art and into larger social, cultural, or political issues?

What are the significant conversations the artist is seeking to participate in?

How large a role does the decorative, pretty, or beautiful play in the work?

How are the aesthetics designed to support the communicative goals of the work?

Does the artist’s supporting text convey a strong, thoughtful understanding and conviction of her/his creative goals?

Is this new work from the artist? Is it an extension or a departure from previous work? Has the artist received a significant publicity in the past? Would a feature on In the In-Between benefit their career?

Why do these pictures matter?