Ben Alper

The artists in this exhibition reflect on notions of paradise, idealism, and fantasy through a broad spectrum of photographic strategies. Together, the works here represent competing visual rhetoric spanning commercialism, irony, sincerity, observational and interpretative documentary, camp, appropriation, tableaux, personal narrative, and impartial photographic philosophies….

Ben Alper’s A Series of Occurrences portrays situations whose causations are mysterious and whose futures are unknown. The pictures seem like fragments; the narrative a chain of islands bound together by proximity but containing unique presence unto themselves. The book’s well realized sequence provides easy transit from one to the next.

The Background Noise work arose entirely out of chance and accident. I was scanning a negative, and somewhere along the way the file corrupted. The resulting image exhibited traces of its source, but was largely ruptured, an example of the kind of schism that permeates the digitization process. I was drawn to the mishap from an aesthetic standpoint, but even more so it underpinned an anxiety that I felt…