Daniel McCullough
– Various Works

October 29, 2019









Artist statement

My work investigates the atmosphere of place through chance-based approaches to photography. By manipulating the surface of film physically before exposure, I am interested in the mysterious space between the camera lens and the outside world.

Using this space allows me to incorporate more physical expressive gestures into photographic observations. In addition, combining straightforward digital captures with these abstract interventions that are inserted blindly on film, I aim to create connections between reality and fiction and have the images together serve as moments of contemplation and wonder on the landscape around me.


Daniel McCullough is a visual artist and photographer based in Milwaukee, WI.  Daniel received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 2018, and was a Mary L. Nohl Fund Fellowships for Individual Artists finalist in 2018.  He was selected for the Plum Blossom Initiative Bridge Work 04 Professional Development Program, 2018-2019.  Daniel has shown his work both regionally and nationally and is currently represented by The Alice Wilds in Milwaukee, WI.  His work investigates the atmosphere of place in both the natural and constructed landscape through intuitive and chance-based approaches to photography.


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